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    Mozambique approves plan for professional education

    APA-Maputo (Mozambique)

    Mozambique’s Cabinet has approved the Strategic Plan for Vocational Education (2018-2024), an instrument that essentially aims to create conditions to meet the growing challenges that the country's labour market faces.

    This was announced by cabinet spokesperson Ana Comoana, who added that the document gives the strategies for the development of vocational technical education in the country.
    In this regard, a total of 19 technical and vocational education institutions will be built and equipped by 2024, in addition to fully equiping 16 new institutes, as well as 11 others under construction.
    Comoana, who made the announcement after a cabinert meeting late on Tuesday, said the construction and equipping of vocational and technical education institutes should benefit a total of 115,756 students, of whom 47 per cent were female, against the current 45 per cent.
    Currently, there are a total of 85,313 professional technicians in the country.
    In addition to creating employment for graduates and contributing to the country's sustainable development, the Strategic Plan, according to Comoana, should ensure expansion, access, and increase the quality of technical-vocational education.
    "The document defines the guidelines of the strategy for the development of technical and vocational education in Mozambique."
    The Cabinet spokesperson added that despite progress registered since the independence, the level of academic and vocational training in Mozambique remains low.
    Nearly 80 percent of the labor force has not completed the first level of primary education, hence improving the access to and raising the quality of public and private vocational training is, therefore, one of the key objectives of the government.

    It has stated that a qualified workforce is essential in stimulating the country's development and economic growth.


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