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    Mbabane: US pastor’s albino boy adoption bid fails

    APA-Mbabane (eSwatini)

    An American-based pastor has lost a legal battle over his application to adopt a Liswati teenage boy living with albinism.

    The governments in Mbabane and Washington have rejected a humanitarian parole application by Pastor Tony Brown of Trinity United Methodist Church of Port Townsend, according to a report carried by the Peninsula Daily News on Thursday.

    “We applied for humanitarian parole because the International Referral Assistance Program (IRAP) and New York attorneys recommended that path,” he told the newspaper.

    “Brown had indicated that he would apply for asylum or refugee on behalf of the 19-year-old boy whose identity will not be revealed to protect him against victimisation,” said Director of Social Welfare, Moses Dlamini.

    The director insisted that the teenager does not need asylum or refuge because no-one has chased him away from eSwatini and there was also no war or social unrest in the country.

    During an interview with the Peninsula daily, Brown revealed that he met the teenager while carrying out missionary work in the country.

    He also told the publication that in eSwatini, those with albinism were considered sacred and were often hunted and killed by witchdoctors for their skin and hair to be used as good luck charms.

    According to information gathered by APA, the intention was to have the teenager live in Belleview with one Alicea Riger who also filled and submitted part of the 100 pages of documentation that Brown claims they have worked on since they started filing the application in September 2017.


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