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    CAR: Bishops preach against retaliatory violence

    APA-Bangui (CAR)

    The Central African Bishops' Conference (CECA) has issued a statement on Thursday, rejecting a call by the League of Defense of the Church to seek revenge against all violence targeting them.

    Stifling speculations aroused by the call which spread like wild fire 48h after it appeared on social media, the CECA which is the umbrella body for all bishops in CAR urged the public not to yield to what it called the manipulation of the enemies of peace.

    “The bishops of Central Africa were outraged by this communiqué from an organization called “The League of Defense of the Church” in the Central African Republic of which they know nothing about” Father Joseph Tanga Koti was quoted in the statement as saying.

    According to the general secretary of the episcopal conference, “the projects that this league claims to achieve are at odds with the gospel, the aspirations of the church and its mission in the Central African Republic.”

    Over the year, three clergymen were killed in the CAR ostensibly by armed militias.

    This brings to six the number of priests already who had died in the hands of the militias who are blamed for stoking up the sectarian conflict in CAR.


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