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    Burkina 'victorious' over Compaore brother's extradition order

    APA-Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) By Alban Kini

    Burkina Faso’s Justice minister, Rene Bagoro has described as a victory a ruling by a French court, ordering the extradition of ex-President Blaise Compaore’s brother François to face justice.

    The junior Compaore is suspected of playing a role in the assassination of journalist Norbert Zongo twenty years ago.

    "Today, Burkina Faso won the first stage. François Compaoré is now in the situation where he must fight and we are in the situation where we must defend ourselves" Bagoro said.

    The minister told journalists that "this is a stage victory because these types of decisions are always appealed against internally.”

    According to Mr. Bagoro, the French government will issue a decree ordering Francois’s extradition, a judicial process which may take six months to five years.

    "Burkina will prepare itself to face it and it is up to Mr. Compaore to develop arguments that he considers necessary because the case is sufficiently solid". Bagoro said.

    The official also congratulated the Burkinabe judiciary its contribution “to this judicial victory for Burkina Faso".

    In March 2017, an international warrant was issued against François Compaoré, after he was fingered in the murder of investigative journalist Zongo on December 13, 1998.

    The suspect was arrested on October 29,2017 in France and placed under judicial supervision in Paris, where he had been living regularly for four years, after the fall of his brother's regime in a 2014 popular uprising.


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